Benefits of Orthokeratology

Corneal refractive therapy, or orthokeratology, is used to lessen myopia. You’ll wear rigid gas-permeable contact lenses when you sleep, and over time, the lenses will reshape your cornea. If you’re considering orthokeratology, you probably want to know the benefits. Let’s go over some of the most common benefits patients enjoy when undergoing this treatment.



See Without Corrective Lenses

You might think LASIK is the only way to go without corrective lenses, but you can get the same results with orthokeratology. Many people achieve 20/20 vision with his therapy, while others end up with 20/40 vision. That is the minimum vision requirement to drive without corrective lenses in the state of Washington. 



Corrects Multiple Problems

Orthokeratology is typically used to correct myopia, but it can also treat mild cases of presbyopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Your optometrist will let you know if orthokeratology can correct your vision problem. If so, you can begin treatment and enjoy the results immediately. 



Fast Correction

You are excited about going without glasses or contact lenses, and you want that to happen sooner rather than later. Orthokeratology provides fast results, with some people ditching their corrective lenses after a single night of treatment. If you have a strong prescription, it could take two or three weeks to achieve optimal results. Still, this is considered a very fast treatment. 



Results That Last All Day

While you need to wear contacts each night, the results will last all day. Sometimes, they even last for two full days. With this treatment, you should not need corrective lenses at all during your waking hours.



Comfortable Treatment

You might have heard that rigid gas permeable contact lenses are uncomfortable, and while that is true during the day, you won’t have comfort issues with orthokeratology. You only wear the lenses at night, so you probably won’t even be noticed they’re in your eyes. 



Avoid Dry Eye

If you wear contacts during the day, you might have symptoms of dry eye. This can be quite uncomfortable. Fortunately, the contacts used in orthokeratology are only worn at night, so even if your contacts dry your eyes out, you shouldn’t have symptoms any longer. 



Safe Treatment

Orthokeratology is a safe, noninvasive treatment without any known long-term visual risks. Because it’s so safe, even children can undergo orthokeratology. Many people prefer orthokeratology over LASIK, which permanently alters the cornea. 



Slows the Progression of Myopia

Orthokeratology can even slow the progression of myopia. If you’re tired of getting a stronger prescription each time you visit the optometrist, it might be time to consider orthokeratology.



Flexible Treatment

You are still in control when you undergo orthokeratology. You can discontinue the treatment at any time, and you can still get LASIK in the future. However, if you decide to get LASIK, you will need to stop orthokeratology for several months first. Then, you can move forward with that procedure. 

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of orthokeratology? Contact iCare Vision Center LLC at (206) 502-2800 to schedule a consultation.

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