How Do I Know If I Need Cataract Surgery?

The lens of your eye is essential in seeing everything you do daily. These include activities such as reading, driving, and using your computer at work. As you age, the lens can become cloudy. Proteins inside the eye lens combine and form cloudiness. As a result, the outside light is prevented from passing through your eye. Such developments can compromise the quality of your life by affecting the clarity of your vision.


Most Americans above 40 years old have cataracts, approximately 20 million of them. Doctors can recommend cataract surgery to help regain vision. Doing so brings back normalcy in your daily routines.


Having cataracts does not mean that you need surgery. But as they grow, you begin to develop symptoms that affect your daily life. Various factors can help you know whether you need cataract surgery.


Difficulty Driving at Night


Driving is a sign of independence for most people. But driving at night with cataracts can be difficult. Cataracts make it hard to see by creating halos around lights. You will also develop painful light sensitivity. For the sake of your safety and that of others, avoid driving at night until you have cataract surgery.


Everything Has a Yellow or Brown Tint


Cataracts can make it look like you see through a dirty film. The colors look faded and muddy. You may notice that white things look yellow or brown. The development of your cataract affects how you perceive colors. Perception changes because of the natural color of the cataract. Cataract surgery leads to the removal of the tinted and cloudy natural lens.


You Have Double Vision


Cataracts can cause you to experience double vision. Completing your daily activities can be difficult. Your inability to differentiate contrast can affect your life. Double vision makes it difficult to enjoy your pastime activities or hobbies.


Your Prescription Keeps Changing


As you age, it is normal to have a change of your prescription glasses or contact lenses. But if the changes become frequent, it indicates that you have a developed cataract. Reaching this point, you can only correct the problem through cataract surgery.


You Have Blurry Vision


Moving around can be challenging if you have blurry vision. Your likelihood of injuring yourself is high. Visit your doctor if you cannot see clearly or you have lost your independence.


Blurry vision could mean you have cataracts or other serious eye problems. See your eye doctor and determine the exact problem. If you have cataracts, your eye doctor can schedule a cataract surgery for treatment.


Over time, having cataracts affects your daily activities. Your ability to read, drive at night, and do detailed work becomes difficult. When you experience such changes, it is time to consult your ophthalmologist. Get to know everything about getting cataract surgery. Once your doctor determines that you qualify for surgery, go ahead with the procedure. 


Cataract surgery can restore your vision to being as good as new. It can take about 30 minutes for both eyes combined. Most people resume their normal activities after a few days of surgery. Your risk of falling, getting into accidents decreases, and your quality of life improves.


For more on cataract surgery, contact iCare Vision Center LLC at our office in Seattle, Washington. You can call us at (206) 502-2800 to book an appointment today.

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